A Medication Management Solution for Assisted Living Facilities

Medication management is an important task for assisted living facilities and often demands a large amount of time and resources. With an automated medication dispensing system, you can make sure your residents are taking their prescribed doses on time while reducing the demand on your staff.

  • Less time and resources allocated to medication management
  • Bring independence back to your residents
  • No self-reporting
  • Prevents prescription under/over use and interactions
  • Dashboard allows for scheduling, remote monitoring and reporting for an unlimited number of patients with easy to use software
  • Alerts are customizable for the patient, family and clinicians
  • cue-RxTM supplies its own cellular connectivity, no added IT needed on the part of the facility

cue-RxTM Personal Medication Management System

cue-RxTM allows you to dispense medications to each of your patients automatically, with customized scheduling and alerts. Stop spending time and resources managing medication regimens and providing reminders in-person. Missed doses send a series of alerts to patients, caregivers, and staff who can respond immediately. Compliance data is easily accessible for evaluation, intervention, and reporting. Patients will be happy and healthy after gaining independence with their medication schedule, and you’ll have more resources to dedicate elsewhere.

Program medication schedules and let cue-RxTM handle the rest.