HomeCare: Noted at NAHC: Are You Ready?

cue-Rx™ made a statement with its medication adherence and alert system. The product is out of Iota Communications (iota is short for internet of things access), and there’s more to the story with this group, which recently materialized the expertise of Solbright Group Inc., an industrial AI, machine learning and energy management company, and M2M Spectrum Networks LLC, a national, dedicated IoT network access and solutions company. Part of the story behind the product is the carrier-grade wireless network system that employs FCC-licensed radio spectrum, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi-based beacons and sensors, from which any end-user application can access location, tracking or sensor-based data for inclusion into end-user management systems. Speaking of the end-user, this product is designed to hold multiple medications, it will let you know what’s going on with your meds, and there’s room for an inhaler.