You want your loved ones to stay as healthy as possible. But did you know that over 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed?

They were always there for you; now cue-RxTM helps you be there for them, with a worry-free approach to keeping up with their medication schedule.

  • Medication management made easy!
  • No more sorting pills
  • Plug and GO - No wifi needed
  • Doctors stay in the loop too - with customized monitoring and alerts
  • Lower total medical costs by cutting down home visits and medication management services
  • Rest easy knowing that you will be notified – via phone or text, IF they miss a dose
Source: Skeptical Scalpel (2017) Nonadherence to Medications: Who’s to Blame, Physicians Weekly.

cue-RxTM Personal Medication Management System

Stop worrying. Stop watching the clock. Stop relying on others to manage your medication schedule. cue-RxTM provides an easy-to-use way to ensure that you take the right medication at the right time. Manage up to 10 medications in their original bottles, with cutting-edge connectivity that keeps both your doctors and your loved ones in the loop. When it’s time for medication, you’ll receive light and sound alerts and cue-RxTM will present the correct medicine to you. It’s that simple. If you miss a does it reminds you, your loved ones and your doctor with a call, text and email. cue-RxTM allows you to stop worrying about your medication so you can start focusing on what matters most: being with your family and friends spending time doing what you want to do.

Program medication schedules and let cue-RxTM handle the rest.