How to Set Up and Operate cue-RxTM

Your cue-RxTM has arrived! In just a few minutes, your cue-RxTM will be scheduled and activated. Follow these important steps to begin:

  1. Visit this page to register and activate your cue-RxTM: Here you will enter the name of each of your medications as well as the dose of each medication.
  2. Click the “MORE” button on your device and then the “HELP” button and call the number on the screen and our live cue-RxTM CUSTOMER CARE TEAM will guide you to activate your cue-RxTM.
  3. Download our Welcome Kit and familiarize yourself with the operation of your cue-RxTM. For more details on cue-RxTM, you can also download our Owner’s Manual, review it, and save both of these documents in a handy place on your desktop.