Skip the Worry, Not Your Medicine

Never worry again about missing a dose or accidentally taking too much medicine. cue-RxTM automates your medication schedule and alerts you and your support network if you miss a dose!
  • Easy, at home way to manage your medications
  • Plug and GO - no wifi needed
  • Automated reminders for every dose
  • No need to rely on others for help
  • Consolidate your medications in one convenient system
  • Safety lock keeps medicine out of the hands of children
  • Keep prescriptions filled with helpful refill alerts
  • Lower you healthcare costs by avoiding home visits and other medication management services

cue-RxTM Personal Medication Management System

Stop worrying. Stop watching the clock. Stop relying on others to manage your medication schedule. cue-RxTM provides an easy-to-use way to ensure that you take the right medication at the right time.

Manage up to 10 medications in their original bottles, with cutting-edge connectivity that keeps both your doctors and your loved ones in the loop.

When it’s time for medication, you’ll receive light and sound alerts and this innovative system will provide the correct medicine. It’s that simple. If you miss a dose it reminds you, your loved ones and your doctor with a call, text and email. cue-RxTM allows you to stop worrying about your medication and start focusing on what matters most: being with your family and friends spending time doing what you want to do.

Program your medication schedules and let cue-RxTM handle the rest.