cue-RxTM Personal Medication Management System



  • $199 for device hardware
  • $200 for first 6 months of subscription (special discount)
  • Free shipping

After initial subscription expires:

  • $39.95+tax per month with 12-month subscription
  • OR $69.99+tax per month with month-to-month subscription


  • Cue-Rx unit
  • Quick set-up guide
  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE remote firmware and software updates
  • FREE Warranty for one year; $59 per year thereafter
  • 30-day Money back guarantee; Return within 120 days for full refund
  • Dimensions: Height – 5.25″ / Diameter – 9.25″
  • Weight: 3lbs 2oz
  • 4-6 hour internal battery back-up
  • Auxiliary power cord
  • No WiFi needed to operate

Studies have shown that over 50% of patients do not take their medication as prescribed. Medication non-adherence causes up to 10% of hospitalizations annually and is a leading cause of death. cue-RxTM will remind you to take your medications on time – and let your loved ones and your healthcare provider know if a dose is missed – in real time, every time leading to improved health and wellness.

Yes, cue-RxTM is HIPPA compliant and your account is password protected to ensure your health data is safe and secured.

It is 9” round and 5 1/2” tall and weighs 3 pounds for easy placement on a kitchen counter.

We designed cue-RxTM so everyone regardless of age (even mom and dad) can setup and use it with ease. Just plug it in and it automatically connects to the internet and is ready to use (cue-RxTM already has a Sim card in it; just like your cell phone!)

Just plug cue-RxTM in and you are connected. It operates on its own network so no WiFi is needed.

Your medications for each dose time are scheduled to be taken within a certain time frame. When it is time to take a medication, cue-RxTM notifies you with light and sound alerts. You then press Take Now to begin taking your medications.

Source: Skeptical Scalpel (2017) Nonadherence to Medications: Who’s to Blame, Physicians Weekly.

If the display reads Ready next to a scheduled dose time, you may press the blue Ready button to take the medications scheduled for that dose time, even if it’s before the time noted on the Touch Screen. You may also choose to wait for the scheduled dose time.

Press More button on the Home screen. Then press Settings followed by Sound to adjust the Reminder tone and Volume. Press Test button to hear each Reminder tone and volume.

If you are not near your cue-RxTM or cannot take a scheduled dose for any reason, cue-Rx sends reminder calls to your home or mobile phone, or notifications via email or text. If you do not respond to these reminders/notifications, a caregiver, family member or friend also receives notification messages.

NOTE: If you know you will be away from home when one of your dose events is scheduled, you can take the medications associated with the particular dose event out of cue-RxTM to be taken later if desired. To do this, press the blue arrow button to the right of the scheduled dose event. Press Take Out Early and follow the onscreen instructions.

To access your medications, press the More button on the Home screen. Followed by the Take Medication, Load Medication or Review Label button.

Press the More button, then the Load Medication button. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the loading process.

You may receive an Out of time! notification on the screen and the door will close. The screen will then display Medication not detected! warning. To replace the medication press Load Medication and the screen will list any medications that require your attention. Press any listed medications and follow the on screen instructions.

The onboard battery will last 4-6 hours. In the event of a power failure which subsequently results in a loss of battery backup you may need to access your medications manually. To manually open the medication door, use your fingers to apply firm pressure to slide the door to the right. Rotate the carousel in either direction to the desired compartment. Refer to your printed medication schedule to confirm the correct numbered compartment when retrieving your medication.

Move the cue-RxTM to a location that indicates better signal strength with four (4) solid dots above the time display.

cue-RxTM is not an emergency response system. IN AN EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1 from your home or cell phone. If you have a NON-EMERGENCY/NON-LIFE THREATENING PROBLEM and simply need help using the cue-RxTM machine, Press More followed by the Help button to view the phone number to call for help using cue-RxTM.